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I know blue eyes get boring.

emily. midwest.
Aug 18 '14

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Aug 13 '14

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Aug 13 '14

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Aug 13 '14

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Aug 12 '14


What is Riot Grrl Anyway?, collectively authored, 1993. The Becca Albee Riot Grrrl Collection.

Aug 12 '14
Descendents - Nothing With You (Cool to be You)




People pressing my flesh,
Taking my time,
They don’t know a thing about my life with you.
I’m trying real hard,
Hard not to care.
'Cause all I ever really want to do,
Is sit around doing nothing with you,
Because nothing’s only fun when you’re there.


Nothing With You-Descendents

Aug 12 '14
Aug 12 '14
Aug 12 '14

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Jul 8 '14

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Jul 7 '14
Jul 7 '14


The Big Lebowski (1998)

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Jul 7 '14
Jul 7 '14

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Jul 4 '14

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