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I know blue eyes get boring.

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Jun 27 '12
Rhiannon | Best Coast


“Rhiannon” by Best Coast // Just Tell Me That You Want Me: A Fleetwood Mac Tribute (2012)

If you asked me what I would imagine Best Coast covering Fleetwood Mac to sound like, this is exactly what I would imagine. Coming from the forthcoming tribute to the great Fleetwood Mac (feat. MGMT, Antony, The Kills, Washed Out and more), Best Coast have contributed an upbeat take on the Stevie Nicks sung classic, “Rhiannon”. It’s a good take, but sadly it sacrifices all of the haunting atmosphere and harmonies of the original. I can’t knock the band for going at it their own way (pun unintended), but I would have liked something a little darker here. At any rate, it’s a nice song and a could addition to the Best Coast catalog. 

Nov 9 '11


During its iTunes session earlier this year, Best Coast performs “Our Deal.”

When you leave me, the bed is empty and I feel crazy because I didn’t say anything. I wish you would tell me how you really feel. But you’ll never tell me because that’s not our deal.

describes my life perfectly. klajsd

Sep 13 '11


Best Coast - The End


Sep 4 '11
Bethany Sharayah (Bethany Cosentino) - Underground


Bethany Cosentino, who recorded under the name Bethany Sharayah (using her middle name instead of her last name) in 2005, performs “Underground.” In these early recordings, there are strong hints of the vocal phrasing and songwriting style used in her Best Coast songs.


(Source: dustynaugust)